Importing Darwin Core


I’ve attempted to import Darwin Core into Omeka S several times with no luck. Has anyone managed to import this vocabulary successfully? I get error messages each time that ask whether the namespace URI is correct. I’ve been using I’ve also tried both RDF and TTL files.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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The provided files are unusually formatted for an RDF vocabulary. Almost universally, vocabulary files define properties and classes using rdf:Property and rdfs:Class. Darwin Core has no such definitions. Instead, it appears to use a non-standard dcterms:isPartOf and dcterms:hasPart syntax that I haven’t seen before. It certainly cannot be imported into Omeka as-is.

In the absence of a conventional vocabulary file (I cannot find one), you’ll need to convert the term list using an understandable format. I recommend using one of the Notation3 formats, which is more-or-less human readable and writable. Several of our modules have examples of such a file, like here and here.

Thank you, Jim. This is very helpful and I appreciate it!

After some attempts, I successfully imported the vocabulary using the following:

Label: Darwin Core
Namespace URI:
Prefix: dwc
Vocabulary URL:

If it doesn’t work, keep trying. The service has been spotty.


This worked! Many thanks, Jim!

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