Importing a XML (Dublin Core) dataset

Hello all,

I’m a new Omeka user so I apologise if the question is a dumb one. I have a large library dataset in .xml, both in MARCXML and in Dublin Core formats. How can I import it into Omeka? Since I see that Omeka natively uses Dublin Core, it sounds a bit overkill having to convert it into .csv (provided it can be easily done) and then import it into Omeka. Is there a direct way of doing this?


We have a relatively small number of people who come to Omeka with XML-formatted data, and XML data that does exist tends to be in a fairly wide variety of schemas, so there isn’t really an “official” XML import pathway.

There are other options like using the API (but this requires some custom work) or community-developed plugins to use XML as your source.

Thank you. I ended up converting the .xml to .csv via a XSLT transformation. It was much easier that way.