Importer stops at 2500 records

Has anyone else had this issue? I’m attempting to port our entire digital library over to Omeka-S, but the Importer module stops after 2500 records. It indicates that it is still in progress, but stalls. I can work around by setting up a dummy Omeka 2 site and copying the remaining records there and performing another import, but it would be much easier to just have the import work properly the first time through.


Tristan Dahn
Digital Projects Librarian
College of Physicians of Philadelphia

Ha, I always figure these things out right after posting, pretty sure I just need to resize the volume. The round number of 2500 was just a red herring! Best, T

Could you explain “resize the volume” to a newbie? Our importer is stuck at 99 records (out of 300) and we’re not sure how to solve it. Thanks!


Sorry, just seeing your question. For me the problem was just that the volume size attached to the new server I created was too small for the number of images on the old server. Changing the size of the volume associated with the server will vary depending on your set up. In AWS, where we have our sites hosted, you can do so from the console following these instructions:

Alternately, you can make an image of your server and then clone it while designating a larger volume.

Hope that’s helpful!