Importation of a XSD vocabulary

I’m trying to add a new vocabulary to a Omeka S installation (version 4.04), but since this vocabulary is only accessible in XSD (see I need to convert it to some other format, such as RDF. I already did this conversion for a previous project, but I can’t make it work this time.

Two questions:

  1. Does anybody know if I could retrieve the vocabulary as imported for my previous Omeka S project, to which I still have access to?
  2. Does anybody know some resources or have tips for doing this conversion?


Hi, only a simple idea for 1 (that worked sometimes for me):

  • retrieve (in the browser) the resource_templates from your old system( let say using the api with:
That should give you a json-ld file. Find in there the namespace uri(s) of your old vocab(s) and if you get lucky you get the ttl of the vocab(s) via these uri(s). I think it should work for vocabs created with module custom vocab.

Ad 2.: There were more message on the forum of “LIDO” users I think.

Hi again,
just to add a bit: me saying [quote=“Janneman, post:2, topic:21959”]
… it should work for vocabs created with module custom vocab.
[/quote] is wrong and confusing. Sorry. I should probably only say that it if people do it right, you should be able to find the vocabulary, by somehow following it namespace url.

Vocabs created with module “custom vocab” can of course simply be found via the api call: “…/api/custom_vocabs”

Apologies for the possible confusion.