Import vocabularies with properties defined by owl:AnnotationProperty

I tried to import SKOS vocabulary, to create an item describing a concept.
Some important properties were not imported : prefLabel, altLabel, etc.
I assume is it because they are defined as “owl:AnnotationProperty” in SKOS vocabulary.

Do you plan to make possible the support of owl:AnnotationProperty ? It would be very nice to be able to manage SKOS in Omeka…

M. Saby

You’re correct about the cause: the importer skips AnnotationProperty resources when importing from RDF.

Just enabling them across the board is tricky, I think, because of what they’re used for in some vocabularies. We’d have to see how that affects the current universe of vocabs to make a decision about whether we could do that.

As a one-off, it’s a very simple change to make if you’re comfortable doing that: the list of imported property classes is just defined as an array in the RdfImporter class, so you could simply add owl:AnnotationProperty there. The change only needs to be made one time right when you import the vocabulary: otherwise nothing else in the system cares about the property classes.

Thank you! That’s good news.