Import of RDF vocabularies

For a research project, I’m experimenting with some colleagues the use of OMEKA S by importing RDF/OWL ontologies and then adding data relevant for the project.
We are facing the following issue. As main ontology, we use (FaBiO, IRI: This covers modeling elements from other resources with their own IRIs, e.g., prism:publicationDate
Now, by importing FaBiO into Omeka S, we cannot find these elements (e.g., we don’t have prism:publicationDate). Note that our ontology file contains the specification of all reused namespaces.
Why is this happening? Is there a way to deal with it?
Thanks for any support

You’ll have to import each vocabulary separately. Omeka S does not support importing multiple vocabularies from one ontology. This avoids importing incomplete vocabularies. You have two options:

  • Find the PRISM vocabulary and import that (preferred)
  • Import the same FaBiO file, but set the namespace URL to (not preferred because the vocab is incomplete)

Thanks for your feedback!