Import files - sorting goes wrong

I’m using omeka classic with the “scripto” plugin for a transcription project. “Objects” are books with some 200-250 pages. When I import the page images (named xxx-0000.jpg to xxx-0250.jpg) using another plugin “dropbox”, everything works fine, except that the sort orders at some point goes wrong: there are always some 50 to 80 of the first files sorted to the end i.e. they are sorted like that: xxx-080.jpg, …, xxx-250.jpg, xxx-001, … xxx-079.jpg. The following manual sorting is pretty tedious and takes a lot of time. Is there anything one can do to omit that?

Are the numbers actually exactly as you give them here, i.e. some are 4 digits while some are 3 digits?

Sorry, there is a typo in my description, the names of the files are generated by a graphics program and show all the same pattern: xxx-0001.jpg etc.

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