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I’ve been planning to migrate the exhibits in my Drupal installation to Omeka Classic (2.7). I am mainly interested in the exhibit building, not so much in the items and collections, since in our installation we don’t focus on that area. I was looking for an answer when I found out this website:
Basically, it is mentioned that the migration was done with CSV Import but it is centered in items and metadata and my concern is more about the content itself of the exhibit. I’ve seen that OAI-PMH is also an option but it is also focused on items and collection.
What would be the best approach to address this problem? In the worst case scenario, I could still re-do every exhibit in my Drupal installation but if I can import some content to Omeka would be better.


Do you mean the textual content around your images or other digital content in Drupal? Depending upon what kind of export you can get out of Drupal, you should be able to map your textual content into a field in Omeka.

However, you might also need to take a look at your column headings – at least the ones you need to bring into Omeka. You can use just about any spreadsheet software to tidy up your CSV file. I’d do a small test with CSV, see what happens, and then use that to guide my work going forward.

Once you get your items created, then you can build the exhibits. Omeka is focused on items. So exhibits are essentially built on top of that.

I think you’ll need to do a little bit of site planning because Omeka has different functionality and also review Preparing for a CSV Import, which contains excellent tips.

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There are not importers to move content that are not items and metadata into Omeka installations. Exhibits must be transferred by hand (copy and paste).


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