Import error in Youtube import plugin

Hello. How can you fix this import error in Youtube import plugin?

Make sure that you have unticked the box in top nav Settings - Security for ‘Enable HTML filtering’ for the embed code to work.

That error seems to indicate that you have exceeded a quota of requests on the Google/YouTube side of things. It may not have a solution on the Omeka side.

Hi @jflatnes. I found a possible solution in GitHub , but I haven’t put it into practice yet. Hope that works

I have another question about the thumbnails of the videos. In my Omeka installation in hosting the thumbnails are not generated automatically. I wish I could get those video thumbnails so I can use them in the exhibits.


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These are YouTube Import videos or directly uploaded videos?

Usually for direct uploads it’s just a matter of having ffmpeg installed on your server alongside ImageMagick to get video thumbnails working.

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Thanks. These are uploaded videos.
Any version of ffmpeg works?

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