ImageServer too slow for my environment

Hi everyone, I’m encountering an issue with the ImageServer module, and I’m seeking some advice.

My current server configuration consists of 2 GB of RAM, 2 vCPUs, and a 60 GB SSD. It should have sufficient resources to host an Omeka S site comfortably. In addition to that, I’m utilizing several modules, including Image Server, IIIF Server, IIIF Presentation, and the Mirador Viewer.

This is an example page of my Omeka S site: Link

However, I’m experiencing significant slowdowns when uploading bulk images, such as book scans. Upon reviewing the logs, it appears that the ImageServer’s tiling process (ImageServer\Job\BulkSizerAndTiler) is consuming a substantial amount of time. For instance, when uploading 200 images, more than 80% of the CPU is utilized for approximately 8 hours to complete the tiling process.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to accelerate this process. Is it feasible to establish a secondary server with enhanced computational power, potentially with additional CPUs and RAM, to manage the tiling tasks and configure the secondary server as an on-demand resource to avoid incurring costs during idle periods? And if so, is there a method to seamlessly import the tiled images back to the main server?

I would greatly appreciate any insights or suggestions on this matter. Thank you!

My original server was running with ImageMagick. Now I’ve installed vips and everything became a hundred times faster! This perhaps solves my issue without setting up a secondary server.