ImageServer error

Hi everyone!

For the past few days ImageServer has been giving me an unknown error and stops going, this also takes away my visualization with Mirador.

I use Image server version with Omeka S 3.1.0.

I don’t understand what the error could be.
I leave the screenshot of the screen that appears when I click on the module configuration.

Can anyone know how to help me?

Tiling images is a long process when images are many and big. So if you enable autotiling before existing images are tiled, it will slow the server too much (except if you have a good one). So the process is to run the job to create all tiles just below, then to enable the option to avoid to create tiles manually for next import.

But I think your issue is different, since it’s only a warning, not an error. Is there a reason you keep old versions of Omeka ?

Thank you for your reply.
I am currently waiting for the technical department to upgrade to Omeka.
Do you think by upgrading Omeka the situation can be resolved? Because in this moment I can’t enable to auto tiling.

Probably not, you have the last version of the module. To fix it, I need to know the “unknown error” more precisely. What is the log?

Sorry, I am not a technician and don’t know how to find a problem log.

The problem depends on the fact that I had disabled PHP’s “exec()” function.

Fine. I updated the module IiifServer to log more issues too.