ImageServer and Log modules errors on OMKEKA-S V4.0.1


I´m preparing a new OMEKA-S V4.01 installation.
I have installed both ImageServer (v3.6.13) and Log (3.4.14) modules.
If the Log module is activated and I try to go to the Settings of ImageServer (in the modules admin interface) the following error occurs:

I tried a similar installation in another server and the same thing happens.
Is anyone else experiencing this behaviour?

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I’m not really familiar with Log or ImageServer but:

What’s probably happening here is that there’s an error happening on the ImageServer settings page. You also have a problem with your Log module: it can’t connect to the database it’s trying to use to save the error message. I assume this error would happen when anything needs to be logged, and it just happens that because there’s an error on the ImageServer config page, that’s a reliable way to trigger the Log issue.

If that’s what’s happening, I’d expect you could disable Log and then you’d get a different error if you go to the ImageServer config page: this would be the actual ImageServer error that was being hidden by the problem with Log.


You were right. The problem was that the Log module could not connect to the database.

When opening the Image Server settings page there is an error/warning issued and, for now, this must be happening only in this module (which led me to believe that the problem might be here).

I added an database-log.ini file, pointing to the omeka database, and all is working now.

Thank you for your reply.

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This is a strange issue, because the module works fine out of the box and normally, the database-log.ini file is only needed to store logs outside of the main database. So there is probably a non-standard config somewhere.