Images not working after changing folder name


I changed my omeka directory folder name, and all my images, including the logo and item files are now broken for some reason. I tried uploading them again, but I only get an error page for that. This is a huge problem atm, as we were supposed to publish our new webpage this week.

How should I fix this problem? I tried adding a redirect line (Redirect /olddirectory /newdirectory) to the .htaccess page, but it didn’t seem to fix the problem.

What is the error you get?

Moving your site shouldn’t break any of those things, so maybe there’s some problem with the permissions of your new location? Or some things got left behind?

Hey, that was pretty much exactly it. I didn’t have permission to some folders - and the problem wasalso that I renamed the files on my computer and transferred them to the server. I should’ve, of course, done it straight to the files on the server (rookie mistake). It’s all solved now - thanks for your advice anyway! :slight_smile: