Images not loading in Universal Viewer plugin

Is anyone else having any trouble with the universal viewer plug-in for Omeka classic?

I love this plugin, which worked beautifully until just recently! I’m really hoping someone here can help me to get it up and running again. I posted an issue about this on the GitHub page for the plug-in but I’m not seeing any recent posts there from @Daniel_KM, so I’m worried that he is only focused on his Omeka S modules right now.

I’ve been doing all I can to try to resolve this on my own, but I finally have to admit I’m stumped.

About 2 weeks ago I noticed that the Universal Viewer wasn’t loading images properly. You can see what I mean at Wedding Dress of Henrietta S. Robinson · Vassar College Costume Collection. I’ve combed through past issues here and on the GitHub issues page, and other solutions haven’t worked for me. Here’s what I’ve tried:

  1. Removing custom config.json for UV in theme
  2. Checking the box in configuration settings to force standard JSON
  3. Deactivating all plugins but UV
  4. Changing custom theme to standard Thanks Roy theme
  5. Uninstalling and reinstalling UV plugin
  6. Combing through my own recent edits to see what might have affected it, with no obvious culprits

With all these steps, it has continued to throw errors when trying to load images. My next step is to roll back to a backup from when it was still working, but I have made some substantial changes to exhibits which I don’t want to have to redo if I can avoid it.

I’d really appreciate if anyone here can take a look at the many errors that pop up in the browser dev console, to help me understand what has gone wrong. Any little clue might help!

Hi, did you try completely removing the UV plugin directory and re-downloading the plugin? Also, did anything on your server change with GD and/or ImageMagick?

Best regards,
Ian Chan

What version of Universal Viewer are you using? I ran into some issues with v2.6 a while back (sorry, I don’t remember exactly what they were), but uninstalling and reinstalling 2.59 got it up and running correctly again. I made a note to myself not to use 2.6, but I will certainly give any future versions a try.

Yes, I’m focused on Omeka S now, I migrated nearly all my sites on it. But the viewer Universal Viewer is the same version in the plugin and in the module, it doesn’t have released new official version since a while.
So the simple way is to remove the file of the plugin and to reinstall it. I’ll publish the version 2.6 (still beta) in some time.

Finally reporting back after getting this all worked out! I was working on other things and wasn’t able to really sit down and work this all out until recently. Everyone’s suggestions helped me to get closer to the root of the problem. Thank you, @iansd , @sbarnessckls , and @Daniel_KM !

I finally did just roll back to the last backup of my site when UV was working, and retrace my steps since then, one by one. Lo and behold, it was my own new custom shortcode plugin that was the conflict! I had initially de-activated each plugin to look for conflicts and nothing showed up, but in this case I had to actually uninstall it. In the past, conflicts have been apparent just by deactivating, which is why I didn’t think that was the conflict. So, lesson learned!

Without that plugin installed, UV worked just fine again. So then I was able to roll forward to my most recent backup and uninstall that plugin without losing any of my other edits. Then I went back to the plugin to debug, and it really was just an issue of extra whitespace and indentation. I tidied those up, and then it worked just fine. Ahhhh, sigh of relief! Once again my UV is back to working and looking lovely!

Thanks, everyone!