Images in Simple Pages

Hello everyone,

I hate to rehash a topic like this, but none of the other posts on this are helping me.

I am using and can’t understand why I can’t place an image into my simple about page.

I have tried everything: turning the HTML editor on and off; using shortcodes; using the embed codes from Flickr and also raw from images online to see if that would work. Absolutely nothing is happening.

With the shortcode, I have tried creating an exhibit as well using [file]; when I try to use the [file] shortcode, either nothing shows up or the actual code appears when I visit the site.

I don’t get it. This seems like an extremely simple thing, but I’ve been trying to make it work all day and it won’t.

Others have suggested changing the security settings, but I think that’s only available on I can’t find any button that allows me to change the security settings in .net and configure which HTML tags are allowed.

Any help hugely appreciated as it’s very frustrating not being able to do something so simple…


Have you used the contact form? That’s almost always the way to go if you’re having a problem or question with specifically.

Hey, I sorted it in the end. I made a mistake when writing out the file number. Confusingly, when you upload something the file number says one thing, but when you go into the record it says something else.