Images have stopped showing full-size within exhibits

Earlier this spring, I had an intern build two versions of an exhibit: one in our development sandbox, one in our production instance. Both used the same content, same theme, same settings. They were identical.

Now, a few months, later, they’re not.

In the development sandbox, individual items display with a full-size picture of the item, as is the case here: – this is what I want.

However, in the production instance, the full-sized image has disappeared. At the bottom of each item page, a thumbnail shows, and if you click on that thumbnail, it shifts to a full-sized version of the image.

I really do want the full-sized images to be visible and prominent, and I can’t figure out why they’re not showing. Any suggestions appreciated!

Was one theme edited?

The “full size” version looks like someone may have altered the “items/show.php” file in the rhythm theme to achieve that different look. You could compare the two files on the different installs to see if there’s a difference there.

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Thanks! Someone had indeed, done just that. I appreciate the help.