Images can't be saved to Simple Pages

When I inserted images to Simple Pages, everything seems fine until I clicked save my edit then those images disappeared. I did try again with another empty page and insert one image but it happened the same. I can see the tag img in HTML editor but it’s gone when saving while the text works well. I’m using Omeka 2.6.1 and simple pages 3.1.1 .

Anyone can help? Thank you

Check the section HTML filtering in your Settings/Security. You can turn off the filtering there or just enable the desired tags and attributes (img and href).

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Thank you very much Miniol :grinning::grinning::grinning:

I just added a plugin to the Omeka plugins that I have often used that will use an image from the images directory in your theme. It uses the img helper to load the file from that directory. It’s a shortcode plugin called Shortcode Anyfile. It can also use files from an item with or without a link back to the item or the file. In a Simple page you would just enter:

[anyfile lid=“filename.jpg” img=true width=“200px”]

and the text box will contain the image of that name from the images directory in your theme. Basically works anywhere you can insert a shortcode.

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