ImageMagick Directory Path box in settings gone?

Hi there,
We are using Reclaim Hosting for Omeka Classic, and all of sudden have problems seeing images attached to item records in Omeka. We can see thumbnails, but when you click on it to go to the item record, the full image does not appear. Strangely enough, this is only the case for TIFs and PDFs. JPGs are fine.

At the same time, noticed the ImageMagic Directory Path box in Settings while logged in as an admin has totally disappeared. We had it set as usr/bin previously and everything worked well. We’ve been using the Dropbox plugin to manage images.

Thank you for any help you can provide!!


Can you let us know what version of Classic you’re running and what plugins you’re working with?

The box isn’t shown if you’ve configured Omeka to use a different derivative strategy, because those other strategies don’t use the ImageMagick command.

So you may want to check your application/config/config.ini file to see if something like that has been set in there.

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