ImageMagick & AMPPS in Windows7

I am (semi-) successfully running Omeka v2.4… on local/standalone Win7 machine through the latest version of Softaculous/AMPPS virtual server.

But I need ImageMagick and cannot find anything definitive or coherent in Omeka or Softaculous forums on how to install ImageMagick and how to find/point Omeka to correct path in this virtual server setup.

Grateful for any guidance (for this non-technical Omeka newbie).

The path itself will depend on where Imagemagick is installed on the server, which is a bit out of our hands. Within Omeka, you can test and change the path under Settings on the admin side.

You might also change the derivative strategy, depending on what you can determine is on the server.

Thanks Patrick. Changing ‘derivative strategies’ is beyond my technical abilities.

Still hoping someone who is running Omeka under local AMPPS might see my plight and take pity on me with a helping hand. But, I guess if he/she/they are up and running they may not come to this Forum. :frowning: :slight_smile:

In the meantime I will keep plugin-ing away…