Image size: thumbnail, square thumbnail, and fullsize only?

In Omeka Classic, there is only 3 image sizes: thumbnail, square thumbnail, and fullsize ?
They are no filter or function to display an image in an another size or cropped in a theme ?

You have access the original file itself, the thumbnail and fullsize (which keep the same aspect ratio but are sized to whatever sizes you have configured for them) and square (the same but squared off to a 1:1 ratio). Those other sizes are made in advance so they’re separate image files on the server.

Depending on the sizes you want you may be able to just change the configuration so the derivatives we’re making are sized how you want. Different croppings and things like that, you could look at doing in CSS potentially by styling the original or one of the existing derivatives, or obviously just make an edit/cropping/etc in advance and upload that as a new file.

Beyond that you’d be looking at plugins or something like that if you want to be generating more derivatives/thumbnails.

Thank for your explanations !

Do you have any extension to reckon ? I couldn’t find any…

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