Image preview in thumbnail is not working in Omeka Classic

Hi there!
I’m using Omeka Classic version 3.0.3. ImageMagick path is properly working which I’ve already checked. But there is some issue with item file preview in thumbnails or the full image. Item preview is not working in any of the interfaces. Only downloadable links for the respective item are shown under each record.
Kindly help me out if anyone is aware of what is going wrong.

When there’s supposed to be a thumbnail (like on the items browse page), what are you seeing there? Just a generic gray “page” image (the default thumbnail), or something else?

It’s possible to have ImageMagick installed but have it not able to read the types of files that you’re uploading, or not be able to write out the JPEG thumbnails.

If you have command-line access to the server, convert -list format will tell you what file formats your ImageMagick can read and write.

Thank you for your response. The issue has been resolved. Actually, I installed the latest ImageMagick version, and somehow it seems not to be compatible with the latest version of Omeka classic. So I tried with the previous version, and it worked!

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