Image Annotation Plugin, Updates?


I am working with some people on a project that could benefit from the image annotation plugin that is currently not compatible with the current version of Omeka.

Some older fourm posts suggest that there are plans to bring it back up to date. Any idea if that’s still the case, and if so what the timeline is?

If not, could someone give me a rough estimate on time/effort/cost it might take take to bring it up to speed? (that answer doesn’t necessarily need to come via forum, but I could take it in email form if need be).

My skills with Zend and PHP don’t reach far enough yet to know what all needs done (a total rewrite? Just make changes here and there? etc).


Any update on this? We’re interested too, albeit it is not definite we will “need” it yet.

Or did you figure out if there was another solution for image annotations?

It’s in-progress here, though not yet on our list of addons.

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