I'm new and trying to figure out what will best suit my project needs

Hi there,
I have several questions…and not sure where to begin.
I am with the FLEXspace initiative - Flexible Learning Environments Exchange - an open resource for academic users that houses examples of campus learning spaces. We have a fairly established database of images and metatags that is currently housed on Shared Shelf / Artstor. We have to migrate away from that site, and are considering doing a custom build for a mobile platform/tool (we’ve had a new interface designed and prototype built.) however, we don’t yet have the full funds for that, and just learned about Omeka. This looks like it could be a great fit for our needs, as an interim solution or perhaps even longer term!!

I have many questions about what it would take to migrate our data to the Omeka system.
What template would fit our needs to:
Have a variety of file types (images, videos, pdfs, xls)

    1. Browse, search, and filter spaces
    1. User login required
    1. Admin staff would curate some spaces into collections
    1. Admin would manage user permissions (even better to be automated somewhat)
    1. Users can upload and metatag their own data
    1. Users can ‘tag’ their favorites and organize favorites into ‘lists’
    1. Users can share their favorites by either exporting to PDF, PPT, etc., or sharing a link with other users
  1. Do we need AWS as hosting service?
  2. Or do we host with you? With GoDaddy? etc?
  3. How should our data best be exported to easily import to this?
  4. JSON, XLS, CSV, etc.?
  5. How much effort is involved to create the interface and our collection, and what skills does the person need?
  6. MySQL?

thank you so much for your assistance!

I am new at omeka too (only been at it for 4 weeks), but maybe I can help you with these:

I think the best way is to export your data to csv and then use the CSV Import plugin (12)
I have omeka installed with mamp & mysql is working fine. (15)

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