IIIF Presentation: Image never loading


I have imported some metadata as an Item via the CSV Importer. Once in Omeka-S, I then added a large JPEG image to the Item record.


I now want to get at it via the IIIF Presentation module:


The image does not display in the center panel.

The IIIF Manifest appears to have been created for this Item:


I’m thinking that maybe where I went wrong here was in creating an Item in two steps: Uploading metadata, then adding an image to it.

Maybe the IIIF Manifest now needs to be regenerated, this time with the associated image present? Not sure!

Advice appreciated,


Hi @mcyzyk ,

I was taking a quick look to see if I could help. I actually think the image might be too big to be drawn on a canvas element in Open Seadragon.

I was pointed here by an error in Safari:

When I look at the IIIF manifest it shows that the image size is 29,322 x 20,575 :

If this is the problem then the maximum dimensions would have to be something smaller than:

16,384 x 16,384 (268,435,456)

If I were you, I would start by just reducing the image dimensions and see if that fixes the problem.


Pondering this. Will resize image. But a better option would be to somehow UP the size restriction? Like, I thought part of the point of IIIF is that you feed it massively-high-resolution images, then it tiles them to bite-sized chunks so you can zoom in – up to the full rez?

@mcyzyk I think the issue is that it is a browser limitation so there wouldn’t be an easy solution without tiling the image. I only suggested reducing the size of the image, because it would help you know that the IIIF manifest is being generated correctly.

IIIF and Openseadragon do support tiled images that are zoomable. It looks like you just have it configured to use the uploaded media as a simple image, which is causing the problem. You might want to look at the Image Server module Daniel-KM / Omeka-S-module-ImageServer · GitLab which can generate the tiles for you on the server.

Thanks, Jon!

Learning much here.