III Server and universal viewer

I install these plugin III Server and Universal Viewer, but with the theme cozy I can see part of the item.
Also I see part of item in black.


Do you have a public page to check it?


If you check the console of your browser (ctrl + shift + i), it seems there is a customization of the viewer (a file cannot be loaded). Could you try with a fresh install?

thanks , but What is fresh install?

also with these item


I understand

What values do you indicate so that it can be seen? . and What is the file to modify?


The issue is the same.

The link http://www.koluel.org/modules/UniversalViewer/asset/vendor/uv/Denucia%20efectuada%20por%20la%20sucursal%20de%20la%20An%C3%B3nima%20de%20Estancia%20Esperanza%20por%20robo%20de%20caballos%20por%20parte%20de%20los%20huelguistas is not a good one: in “asset/vendor/uv”, all urls should be just js urls, not the title of the item.

It may a issue with the config of Universal viewer, or a filter, or an incompatible plugin that changes the urls.

Ok Daniel
But, Now I change the theme, add a image small and I have the same problem


what do you think?

This is not related to the theme, but to another module.

Here, the module try to fetch http://www.koluel.org/modules/UniversalViewer/asset/vendor/uv/Marcha%20y%20celebraci%C3%B3n%20de%20Puerto%20Deseado that doesn’t exist.

Try to disable all modules, then enable them one by one, iiifserver first.

I disable all modules, after enabled and the last iiifserver first

and the same problem

The iiif server works fine: the manifest is clean (http://www.koluel.org/iiif/1569/manifest), the json of the images are available (http://www.koluel.org/iiif-img/4290/info.json), the tiles are available and the iiif server works fine (try http://www.koluel.org/iiif-img/4290/full/450,200/120/default.jpg).

So the issue is inside the module Universal Viewer. In fact, the viewer tries to fetch the content of the field of the description.

So in fact, the main configuration of the Universal Viewer is bad: either set nothing in the field, either set a url that contains the item manifest, generally in dcterms:hasFormat. In your case, you don’t use an external manifest, but manifests created by the iiif server, so you can let this option emply.

Thanks very much. It is ok now…



One questions about UV.
If I like carrousel of my images, where is the setup?

What is a carousel? If the item has multiple files, they will be all displayed in the uv. If the images come from different places, you can create a specific manifest for that item.

ok thanks very much for your answer

Hi, I am new in Omeka. Installed Omeka-S and trying to explore - III Server and universal viewer to view 3D models. However, no luck with UV with any media file. Getting black screen with ‘ERROR 403 - FORBIDDEN’.

For example:

Can anyone please advise, what to do?