Iframe src stripped from ArcGIS online embeds

Hi, I’m having a similar problem to this previous poster: Using Omeka.net, embeds on a simple page from arcgis.com have the src attribute stripped on save.

I have another simple page with a TimelineJS embed from knightlab.com that works fine, so it seems like this is a case of ArcGIS online urls not being in the whitelist? I couldn’t find documentation anywhere for what sites are allowed in iframes on Omeka.net, but is there a place to petition for inclusion, or a setting I’m overlooking?


Hi there. We ask that Omeka.net questions go through the contact form for that site, in part to avoid confusion for users on the hosted system.

The list of allowed iframes is in the section on using the HTML editor. We will look into adding iframes from arcgis.

Thanks for the clarification. Adding arcgis online embed support would be great.

At risk of continuing a discussion about Omeka.net in the wrong place, is there a way to search those documents? I did look but couldn’t find the list of allowed iframes very easily. Thanks again!