Identifying Skipped Items in CSV Import

I uploaded several thousand items using CSV Import. From that, 36 were skipped for an unknown reason. I’m curious about why, but more importantly to me, I’d like to ascertain which items were skipped so I can try to import them.

Suggestions for how I do this?


MORE: I just tried to use CSV Import to add ten items that had been copied from other items on the spreadsheet, then edited to change cells that applied to the new items. All were skipped, which makes me think that something in Omeka thought that the items were dups. If this is the case, I need to identify the items that were skipped AND find a way to turn off whatever in Omeka is rejecting the “duplicate” items.

With logging enabled, you should get messages logged when CSV Import skips a row, indicating which row was skipped.

I’ve attached the error.log. Please let me know if you see something that needs to be fixed. BTW, I did address the image link errors.
capture.pdf (123.4 KB)

Only the “Skipped item” messages and ones around there are relevant to this issue, the 404 errors on the files, which you say you’ve fixed.

The “invalid search type” ones that are the bulk of the rest, they’re not relevant to anything really. You can get those errors if web crawlers are looking at your search pages and submitting invalid queries. They don’t represent a problem you’d need to do anything about.

Anything else I can do? This last import skipped all ten of the items it had, and I have no idea how to fix this.


Are you saying that the 404 errors in this log you fixed, and you ran another import that didn’t produce those errors? Or did I misunderstand your earlier message? Certainly this log you posted indicates a 404 error for all 10 rows.

Sorry. I didn’t realize that the 404 errors could cause the import of items to skip. I discovered that all 6000+ items on my spreadsheet had the same URL error, but only 55 total were skipped in the import.

I tried importing the corrected ten in the group that had skipped earlier today. All ten successfully were imported. So, I presume that I can’t go back and determine which 55 were skipped since the error.log was not set to report the skips. Is this correct?

If that is the case, I’ll have to decide whether it would be better to import the 6000+ in order to see if the 55 are imported with the fix.

Thank you for your help on this.

So, yes, you won’t have the row numbers of the skipped items from the prior import reported since you didn’t have logging enabled.

Undoing the import and/or deleting everything that was imported and then importing again is an option for sure… other options involve things like searching in what’s in the system for unique identifiers and so on to see what’s there, but it’s tricky with 6,000+ items.

What was the nature of your URL problem that you fixed? A problem that affected all 6,000 rows should have resulted in all rows being skipped, so perhaps you can tell some difference between rows that would have resulted in 55 being different?

I have both the domains and on different accounts. Both have images/ folders that had duplicate images until a certain date when I decided to use the older site, I thought I’d changed all of the fields with the newer domain, but I apparently missed the images URLs on the spreadsheet. My guess is that the skips occurred because I stopped updating the images to It seems that I could simplify things by comparing the two images folders and importing the items for the ones missing from However, I also made some edits to selected images that I want to use. At this point, I suspect it would be easier to import the items again.