Icons turned into boxes and text is highlighted yellow

I updated my website which uses omeka to version 3.0.2 and when I did so the the majority of my icons, like the magnifying glass for the search, have just turned into these boxes.

I read somewhere that the solution might be to just update the theme. So I tried following the instructions for updating a theme and downloaded the newest version of The Daily theme and uploaded the ZIP file in the themes folder in the CPanel file manager. However, it seemed to not let me extract the files from the ZIP file and when I looked back at the actual website not only were the icons not fixed but all the text is now highlighted yellow.

Can anyone tell me how to get the icons back to normal, and if it is through updating the theme, how to do so properly?

Website for example: http://archive.charmainewheatley.ca/
The search engine and collapsible hamburger icons should be in the top right


Can you say more about not being able to extract the files? Usually in the CPanel File Manager, if you right-click on the zip file, you should get an option to extract the files.

You will need to delete the older version of the directory that contains the theme.

One thing to note is that the yellow text background for links is part of the style of The Daily and not necessarily indicative of a problem.

Alright I was able to add the latest version of The Daily theme I think and I deleted the old file. However it seems that didn’t fix the issue of the boxes.

Have you cleared your cache and done a hard refresh?

Sorry I’m still very new and unfamiliar with the system. How do I clear my cache and do a hard refresh?

So that will be a function of your browser. Probably under preferences or security there will be an option to clear your cache. Then the next time you load all your pages, you’ll load them completely from scratch getting the new icon files, etc.

That seemed to work. Thank you very much!

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