I have to log in continuously

Omeka S asks me to enter my password every time I access an administration area. The problem is that this means that I cannot test the new Datavis module, because after selecting a type of chart, the login window appears again at the bottom. I noticed this when I upgraded to Omeka S 3.0, but so far it has not been a real problem. Does the same thing happen to someone else? Thanks

How long does a login stay “active” for you? I assume it’s not every visit to an admin page that just asks you for login, or you’d never get beyond the login page to ever do anything at all.

Does this happen the same way from a different browser?

Thanks John for the reply. It happens to me when I access specific sections like “/admin/site/s/SITE/resources” or “/admin/vocabulary”. Regarding how long the active session lasts, I think it is more related to doing certain things, like the above or generating charts in Datavis.

I have tried with different web browsers (Firefox, Chrome) and OS (Linux, Windows) and the same thing happens to me.


Mistery solved: the problem was the Varnish Cache activated in the served. Thanks John for your attention, I am also glad that the problem is not with Omeka S.

Glad to hear you figured it out.