I don't have access to ImageMagic

I have Omeka Classic V2.8 installed on the C-panel.
My host provider for my C-panel does not allow access to ImageMagic (/usr/bin/).
I can’t define the path to ImageMagic or install the Derivativeimages plugin.
How to solve a problem?
Thank you

Hello! Have you already set the ImageMagick path as /usr/bin/ in your Omeka Settings?

Yes I did but my hosting provider informed me to revoke access to the /usr/ bin folder for security reasons.

You might talk to your service provider and see if there is any way for to give access permissions to /usr/bin for just the Omeka installation user, or if there is another accessible directory in which you can place the ImageMagick directory, that you could then point your path_to_convert to in General Settings.

There are also a few different methods for generating thumbnails beyond ImageMagick here: Configuring Thumbnail Creation - Omeka Classic User Manual

The following should be included in Omeka config.ini
fileDerivatives.strategy = "Omeka_File_Derivative_Strategy_GD”

Omeka User Manual
Thank you!

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