I can't add more than one Item Set at the same time


I’m using Omeka S versión 3.1.2 when I create a new Item and I want to choose more than one Item Set to add but as soon as I choose the first one, I obtain the message “All item sets have been added” and there isn’t any button to choose another one.

Thanks a lot.

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And there are multiple Item Sets in that list on the right before you add the first one? A screenshot of the “before” might be helpful.

Hello, @jflatnes thank youso much for your time and help.

Yes there ara multimple Item Sets (Colecciones),I’m adding the requested screenshot.

Thanks again.

So you pick one from over there on the right and then it says “All item sets have been added” and you have to save and load the form again to add another one?

I can’t reproduce this problem… can you try clearing your browser cache just so we can rule out some odd caching-related issue here?

Hi, again.

Yes it’s, but I must say it has a random behavior, sometimes I can pick two or three and sometimes only one at the same time.

I have changed memory_limit to 256M in php.ini file, I’m not sure if I’m crazy and it’s not related but I feel the problem is doesn’t happen that frecuently.


It’s probably not related to the memory_limit. This problem should be something to do with Javascript, so not on the “server side” where the PHP settings and limits apply.

I notice there’s some changes in the text and translations between your screenshots (Conjuntos de fichas vs Colecciones, etc.): were these taken at two different times? Or with different language settings? Just making sure we’re getting an accurate picture of the “before” and “after” of your issue as it stands now.

I also see in the second screenshot that you’re using the “filter” function by typing in the box above the set of selections. Does it seem like using or not using that filter affects what you’re able to add? For example, does the problem only happen if you first filter the results down to the one set you’re looking for and then add it? Versus just adding from the unfiltered list?


Ok, I understand your reasons relating to the server side.

The screenshots was taken both with different language settings and two different times (one day of difference).

Yes, In the second screenshot I used the box above the set of selections, it was just trying to show you the existence of several collections. The problem occurs when I first filter the results down.

The last to day, like you, I can’t reproduce the problem. I can’t figure out whats happening. I will pay close attention in order to offer a better description in case the problem returns.

Thanks a lot.

I think we have a handle on the bug: pretty sure that it happens if you add everything that matches your current filter (so if you filter down to the exact set you want, then add it, you end up in this situation). We have a fix in the works.

Dear @jflatnes

Thanks a lot for your invaluable help.

The just-released version 3.2.1 contains a fix for this problem.

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