Hyperlink item - image not showing in gallery in exhibit

Hello. I tried searching for help on this and couldn’t find anything. I have some images stored over at Wordpress and Google Drive and I’ve added them to my Omeka Class install as item type hyperlink. The images show fine on their item pages, but when I try to add them to a gallery on an exhibit page, the image doesn’t show as a thumbnail, etc. and instead it’s just the item title, which links to the item page. Can Omeka be made to show this image in the gallery when it’s a hyperlink item type? I’ve been successful getting the URL item to show in a gallery, etc. in Omeka-S, but I would rather use Omeka Classic and am hoping to make it work.

Thank you!

Omeka makes a full sized image, and two thumbnails by processing files that are directly uploaded or imported to the platform. So, materials that are connected by hyperlinks or embed codes will not go through that processing step.

Thank you. That’s what I figured but thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Thanks!

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