My omeka site is having some issues. Every photo (web page) we click on we get the following message

Omeka has encountered an error

To learn how to see more detailed information about this error, see the Omeka Codex page on retrieving error messages.

To make matters worse I am unable to log into my Omeka account. I have tried everything. HELP!

Do you have access to the server on which the site is installed? You can turn on error logging by following the instructions from this Omeka User Manual page. To do these, you have to be able to get to the files of your Omeka site, via FTP, rather than by logging in to the Omeka site at - you might need to ask your system administrator for help.

I keep trying to log into the omeka admin and it will let me reset my password but I cannot locate my username?

To turn on error logging, you need to go to where the files are. Do you have a hosting company, or is your site hosted on servers owned by the library?

Hello, our site servers are hosted by our IT support company. I am happy to reach out to them but I need to be able to log into my omeka account so they can access it. I would really appreciate some help with that first. I am able to reset my password but cannot get help with accessing the username?

Error logging has nothing to do with your account on the admin side. It’s all in the files on the server itself.

You can ask your IT people to look at the Omeka_users table in the database associated with your Omeka installation to find your username. (reference this post: Password reset for Omeka via PHPMyAdmin fails )

We use dream host for the files. They are saying that cant do anything and to talk with Omeka about the issue. I cannot find a spot to turn on error logging?

It looks like you have error display turned on now, so the error is showing.

It looks like it’s the Social Bookmarking plugin at issue here. You can disable it, or update the plugin to the new version 2.0.3 which should also fix the issue.

On the issue of not knowing your username… that’s not something we can help you with besides describing how to look it up in the database. Dreamhost probably has a database administration tool you can use to look at the tables; as Megan mentioned it would be the omeka_users table you’d want to look at. If you need to, you should be able to ask Dreamhost for help with looking at your database; it’s not something that’s Omeka-specific.

If you use DreamHost, then someone should have the credentials for your DreamHost account. You would access the files to turn on error logging using the webFTP interface on your DreamHost account.

You should be able to find information about managing the files and looking at the database (probably PHPMyAdmin) at

This is the message we are now getting. And I cannot locate where to go to fix this.

And it looks like this on the front end.

Try deactivating the plugin “Social Bookmarking”

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