HTML Purifier gets problem with ckeditor in BlockPlus

When you extend ckeditor in BlockPlus to add the text color tool, you get problems if HTML Purifier is active. In fact, color style are removed as soon as you save the formatted text in ckeditor. This happens only if HTML Purifier is active.
This happen to me since I moved to the latest version of Omeka S (3.2.3). I use the latest version of BlockPlus (
Is there something I have to configure to let this works?

It may be fixed in last version ( Can you try?

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Thanks! I try ASAP and let you know here

I need to upgrade Omeka S to version 4 before I can test the new version of the Module. I will update this issue as soon as I can make a general upgrade. For now I have disabled that module.
Anyway, I found this bad interactions with ckeditor even outside the Blockplus, i.e when you add html media in item.

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