HTML Media Plugin - WebVTT - Chapters

I was just wondering if anyone has experience with the HTML5 Media Plugin and WebVTT Chapters - i’am currently just able to load one WebVTT Subtitle track with the same name as the movie - it would be great to have some more opportunities like 2 different languages and chapters - any suggestions? Best jan

I haven’t done anything with chaptering myself…

What the plugin does for subtitles is very simple: it just looks for files with the same filename and an appropriate differing extension to link them up with the video they go with.

Pulling in more and different kinds of tracks isn’t necessarily difficult, it’s just something that’s likely to vary so much from site to site that it’s tough to build anything into the plugin itself. Particularly if you have a pattern where all the files on one item are associated with a single video, it would be easy to have defined filenames that would be used to add particular kinds of tracks (like any “chapters.vtt”-named file, for example).

I could add other things like what the plugin does currently, but beyond “same name/different extension” it didn’t/doesn’t seem like there would be much out there already conforming to whatever pattern the plugin was looking for.

Thanks for your reply. I’ll try to find someone who can add these possibilities to the Html5 Media plugin. The Wordpress VTT Plugin could be a good orientation. Best Jan