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I’m presently helping a scholar set up a project gathering community stories and other existing web publications surrounding a specific topic. They’re hoping to have active engagement with the web publications through their Omeka site (ie. instead of having a link or screenshot, they’re hoping to embed content from the other site).

To accomplish this, for each item that is an existing web publication, the attached media is the following HTML:
<p><embed height="800" src="https://websitename/" type="text/html" width="800"></embed></p>

About half the time, this displays perfectly. The other half of the time, the media doesn’t display. Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on how to correct this? Similarly, is there a different practice we should follow for embedding media?

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The html code is not visible in your previous post. You might try to escape it before posting (an online tool is, f.i.,

And could you please provide us with a link to a working page, and one to a not-working page?

I’ve updated their post to rescue the HTML. AS a general note: this is what the “preformatted text” button in the editor on this forum is for (the icon that looks like </>).

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You rock @jflatnes, thank you for doing that! I’ve posted enough code places you’d think I’d consistently remember to do such things.

As for links, here are a couple examples tossed up on a test site:
Not working:

Thanks in advance for any thoughts you have.

Your not-working example isn’t working because it’s an HTTP resource. Your site uses HTTPS: browsers don’t let you embed an HTTP site within an HTTPS one.

@jflatnes, seriously, you’re the absolute best. Thank you! That should sort out our problems. Checking the sites the project team has aggregated these from, some of the sites don’t have HTTPS. With our site using HTTPS, do you have any thoughts on how to get non-secured sites to display? Would it just be best to use a linked image for those?

Thanks in advance!

Not sure whether this could help, but it’s worth a try if only you could recode the link to the resource:

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