HTML editor wysiwyg

Hi I`m using Omeka classic 2.7.1. I wanna use an html editor WYSIWYG (quick and easy web builder) because i dont know html and i wanna design my HTML pages using this editor but when paste the HTML code in the Omeka HTML editor the design doesnt looks like the preview of the HTML editor. So how can I use this HTML editor to get a good design of my page.


It really depends exactly what you’re seeing and what you’re trying to do.

Some things about what’s allow in the WYSIYWG editors for Simple Pages and similar places are controlled by the Security panel under Settings, and changes there could allow for some HTML that’s otherwise being blocked. But to some extent the HTML in the editor and on the site will look different just because the theme provides some styling on its own that’s different from what’s in the editor’s view.

Hi and thanks for u help (i am using the Omeka Bootswatch Theme)

In HTML preview (in the editor html WYSIWYG looks like the snap)

but when i paste in OMEKA the html code in the editor looks like this

So there is no way to looks like the first image even changing the theme :weary: