HTML code in a field


is it possible to alllow HTML elements in a field (say, the title)?

E.G.: The stories of Muriel Spark*<span class='supplied'>title supplied by cataloguer</span>

Out of the box, the Item field possibilities are just Text (unformatted), URI, and Omeka resource. Entering markup into a field will result in the markup being rendered as plain text. I’m ignorant on whether there are possibilities for adapting the fields with a module or using a vocabulary that explicitly allows for markup in fields.

Hello, yes, I realised that HTML elements are just rendered as text. I was wondering if there’s a way of rendering them otherwise.

Gotcha. I’m out of my depth, then. :slight_smile:

Hi there, I hope I’m not answering too late, I just came across your post.

There is a module for that called Data Type RDF. It enables several types of values amongst which an HTML data type (with integrated HTML formatter).
To use an HTML type, you need to add the type in the options of your property in the resource template of your choice and that’s it !

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Thank you, I just saw your message. I’ll try it out!