HTML Block error in 4.1.0

I spent all morning updating to Omeka S 4.1.0, finally got it done, module’s updated as well, etc. Sadly, when I went to actually get back to work and check out the changes, I almost immediately discovered that the HTML block is no longer showing the useful text input section!

Do HTML blocks no longer exist?!? That /seriously/ hampers any usefulness of the app, like I’m not even sure why that feature would be taken out, it doesn’t make any sense to me…

Is it just a bug? Do we have an ETA on when it will be fixed or should I spend another day rolling back to the prior version of Omeka S?

I’m a sad panda :confused:

Hi @CarouselCollector, what version did you upgrade from?

I’ve done some upgrades from 4.0.1 and the HTML block is still working. I’ve also done fresh installs of 4.1 and it’s still working.

Oh good. I /really/ liked the HTML block.

That said… hmm, I guess I’ll spend tomorrow disabling all the modules and see if that fixes it.

This is what it currently looks like for me in 4.1

Also as a side note…I know upgrades can be time-consuming especially when something goes wrong. Over at RefBytes, we created a hosting/Omeka management tool that lets you perform effortless upgrades and rollbacks when something does go wrong.

You can check out that process in this short video. I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The HTML block is still there, and still lets you actually use HTML in it.

This looks like something with a module, yes; you have lots of non “core” blocks there in that screenshot.

TL;DR - Seems to have been an order of install glitch - everything is working perfectly now! – Thank you for the attempted help everyone.

Alright, I woke up at oh-dark-30 this morning and figured it out. HTML block is working again. Yay!

The offending module was BlocksPlus 3.4.21 (3.4.22-alpha had the same bug) and uninstalling that fixed the problem. I use quite a few BlocksPlus features so I reinstalled because I knew that everything in blocksplus was working fine regardless of the HTML block glitch, and I was thinking I’d just have to deactivate it when I needed to edit HTML blocks no big deal. Then I discovered the HTML input block was back even with the module active lol