HTML 5 Media Plugin 'How To' Documentation?

Is there any such animal? Our host kindly installed this plugin for us, but our audio files (mp3) still do not play. :expressionless:

It should handle MP3 files pretty much out of the box with no changes.

Current versions of Classic should also be able to play them in basically all browsers even without the plugin. Maybe something else is going on here.

Is this something you might be able to help me with?


Here’s our system info if that would be helpful:

You can’t link to that page; it requires you to log in to see it. If you want to share that, either take a screenshot or copy and paste it.

What would be more helpful is a URL of a (public) page that’s supposed to have the audio player but isn’t working.

I noticed you have one public item with an “mp3” attached available, this:

The file you have attached to that item is actually a JPEG, an image. It has a .mp3 extension, but it’s an image. Specifically, an image of a fast-forward or next-track button. If all your files are like this one, that would pretty much explain why they won’t play.

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