HTML 5 audio player not displaying - The Daily theme

Uploading audio files associated with a photograph collection to Omeka site using “The Daily” theme and the HTML 5 Media Player is not displaying.

Configuration choices for The Daily allow option to select that “Non-Image Media” display as links on the record page.

Selecting this option does just that–places them as links in “Files” field toward bottom of page.

However, not selecting this option seems to cause the files to not display files at all.

Is there anyway to have it display the HTML 5 audio player rather than just a link or nothing?

The theme is otherwise perfect for what we are trying to do.

Example of page with links displayed:

Hi there,

Could you provide the version of Omeka and The Daily you’re using? Also, can you describe where on the page you’d like the html5 audio players to appear (i.e. the media viewer at the top, embedded within the metadata)?

Thanks for the reply!

Omeka 3.0.3.
The Daily 1.5.3

In or below the media viewer or in the metadata–I really just want it to appear somewhere!

Add on info: there are 2-4 audio files per record, so there would be multiple HTML5 players, I assume.
There are are also PDF transcripts that would need to appear as well…

Thanks again!

I decided the simplest thing to do is a work around: HTML audio player in a dedicated field.

If it turns out there is a more tidy way to do this I’d love to hear it, but for now it’s working fine!