How to use NeatLine module on Omeka S

Dears, I was working on Omeka S 3.0.1, and successfully installed the NeatLine module v0.3.0. But all I got is a link under the Site menu. When I click it, it jumps to the site preview. there displays an item in the Navigation view, but can only edit the label.

I installed the module by the standard way,(download the zip file from , unzip it to module folder, then install it at admin console. It shows installation was successful.)

At the preview site page of neatline tab, it has an 404 error of “failed to load resource”. It’s looking for a file in “modules/Neatline/asset/neatline/build/?v=0.3.0”, where I checked there is no file or folder named “build” under “modules/Neatline/asset/neatline/”

Anyone kindly help to advise at convenience? many thanks!

Hi Shawnwon,

We do not currently have a working production release of Neatline for Omeka S. The development version of the module has also not been updated yet for Omeka S 3.0.x. Any production release for Neatline for Omeka S will be announced on our website and here on the Omeka forum.

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Does this mean that there will not be a Neatline plugin developed for Omeka S version 3 in the near future?

We’re hoping to have a release sometime this year. Unfortunately it will not be soon, the circumstances of the past year have set back development on the module. To clarify the earlier comment, there is no working version of Neatline for any version of Omeka S. When we do release a module it will be compatible with Omeka S v3


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