How to use HTML in Items

I installed Omega-s, but when I enter HTML code into any of the Item text (keyboard) fields, it shows the HTML tags rather than the HTML. I tried switching the security HTML purifier on and off. I was wanting to add URL links on some Items.
Many Thanks,
Laurie Shaw

Omeka S doesn’t allow HTML in the metadata fields.

You can create values that are just links by themselves using the “URI” value type. You can also use HTML as Media on an item from the Media tab, or use it within text blocks on a Site, just not interleaved within text of a metadata value.

Thank you John.

I tested that and got it working. I didn’t realise the last part you mentioned as I was trying to get html in that location.
Many Thanks.

Also, just a query really, do you know if there are any requests to have thumbnails in other aspect ratios? For photography 4:3 appears more natural. I guess it would also need 3:4 for portrait, and ability to maintain squares for other items.


To clarify, like “classic” Omeka, S creates both square thumbnails and “normal” thumbnails that preserve the aspect ratio of the input image. We tend to use the squares on the backend because they’re easy to fit into the design, but sites and site themes can choose which to use.

If you mean forcing some non-square ratio, so you’d have 4:3/3:4/whatever-cropped thumbnails, I don’t think we’ve heard that specific request before.

Thanks for the notes on thumbnails.
I followed through and found the AbstractResourceEntityRepresentation.php file and put “medium” in there instead of “square” in the first entry.
I am using medium 400 in the config/local.config.php file as a good size to work with my own CSS.
I located the themes/default/asset/css directory and created a CSS file to adjust the views, and the themes/default/view/layout/layout.phtml file and linked my file called pbs.css: $this->headLink()->prependStylesheet($this->assetUrl(‘css/pbs.css’));
This gives good flexibility for me. I’m all set now :smiley:
Many thanks for your help on this.