How to upload large files

Just starting to use Omeka 3.1.1. Tried to upload a file larger than my hosting provider allows. I used FTP to upload it to the Omeka/files/original folder. But I don’t know how to import it into Omeka. Omeka’s Choose File function seems to allow me only to upload from my computer. But the file is already there, I just want Omeka to recognize it. How can I do that?

To FTP a file rather than uploading it, you’d typically use the Dropbox plugin, which adds its own “files” folder for you to upload files to with FTP or whatever other method. Once files are there, they’re available to be added either in bulk or one-by-one to items.

You can read more about the Dropbox plugin in the manual.

Cool. I’ll give it a try. So Dropbox plugin is not only for, right?

Yes, it’s completely unrelated in fact.

Dropbox works fine. Thanks for the tip.