How to upload images and CSV


I’m relatively new to using Omeka S and my project is digitising photographic plaques and uploading them into a public image database for people to search through.

I currently have around 1,300 image files and an unconnected spreadsheet with Dublin Core metadata for all of them.

How would I go about uploading all the metadata and the images together so they’re linked? I have the CSV Import module already.

Thank you!

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If your sheet already has a column that refers to the URL or filename of the image each row goes to, then you should be good to go, you’d just use CSV Import and map each metadata column to the property to want it to be loaded in as, then map the URL/filename column as a “media source.”

If your files are at a publicly accessible URL somewhere, that should be all you need. Alternatively you can use the File Sideload module in conjunction with CSV Import: if you put the image files in your sideload folder then the cells in the sheet just need to have the name of each file.

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