How to upload Alto xml files?

On the IIIF-Search module page it reads:

If your ocr files are Alto xml files, they are managed natively: just upload them with the item alongside images (tested on alto v3).

When I try to upload an XML file via Media upload or sideload I get an error:

Couldn’t validate “Adresboek1885/xml/Adres_Gouda_01-01-1885_0095.xml”. Can’t store files with media type “application/alto+xml”.

Am I missing some configuration somewhere?
What’s the correct way to upload Alto xml files?

FYI: I’m on Omeka 4.0.1, IIIF-Search 3.4.3.

I’m not familiar with that module, but I think you may just need to add the media type “application/alto+xml” to the list of allowed types in the Security settings for the installation. It looks like you’re just hitting the core’s normal checks of mimetypes for uploaded files.

Thanks John, it was indeed just a matter of adding application/alto-xml to Allowed media types and xml to Allowed file extension in Omekas Global settings. After this I could upload the Alto xml files!

(To see the end-result and IIIF-Search module in action, goto to Adresboek 1885 · Data · Gouda Tijdmachine which is a scanned+ocr’d addressbook from 1885 and input “timmerman” (=carpenter) in the “Search within this item” bar below the scans in Universal Viewer to see all places this word occurs in the scans/transcriptions).

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