How to upload a sound file into Neatlines

I am trying to upload a sound file into Neatlines from Wikipedia, and I am being told it will not work. Cananyone help with this? Is there a specific file format that I should be looking for? Thanks,

The error notice I am receiving is : File Upload: The file ‘File-FDR’s 1941 State of the Union (Four Freedoms speech) Edit 1.ogg.htm’ could not be ingested because it has a disallowed file extension (htm).

The file ‘/tmp/phpWQjQC2’ could not be ingested because it has a disallowed MIME type (text/html).

the file itself I sound recording of FDR’s State of the Union Address, for 1941, in Wikipedia. I am really only interested in the last few minutes, when he describes the “Four Freedoms,” but I’m not sure that matters.

Not Neatline specific, but you might want to look at your site’s security settings and the media files guidance for Omeka (that sound file on Wikipedia is .ogg)

Thanks for the suggestions. I tried unlocking the security setting to download all files in Omeka, and while the file was accepted (ingested), it appears to be unplayable. I have also read the Omeka media files guidance, which describes .ogg files, but recommends embedding them in html 5, which is beyond me. I’ll try embedding the link in the item’s descriptive metadata, and see if that will provide a handle on this wonderful historical recording.

Look closely at the name of the file it’s complaining about: particularly the “.htm” at the end. I think you may have tried to use the URL of the page about that audio file, not the file itself.

The actual file URL is’s_1941_State_of_the_Union_(Four_Freedoms_speech)_Edit_1.ogg (that’s the link right under the audio player on the Wikipedia page)

Thanks for pointing that out–I’m learning all the time! I have pasted the file URL you indicated into the source box in the metadata, but am unable to upload it under the file tab for the item. Is there an intermediary step, like copying it into a sound file in my library, that would enable me to upload onto the Omeka site? This may be a simple question, but it is where I am at the moment. I appreciate your help.

Are you getting an error when you try to upload it, or are you having some other problem?

I managed to accomplish it by downloading the audio file, via the URL, into my Download files. I then went back the item#, clicked the file tab and was able to select it from my Browse button menu. I have indicated in the metadata description the point at which to begin the “Four Freedoms” excerpt which is the subject of interest. It works like a charm. Thanks for your help!