How to tell which modules will break by updating to Omeka S 3.0

Hi all,

I was wondering if there was a way to tell if a module will break if I update to Omeka S 3.0. Specifically I am worried about Universal Viewer (and IIF Server as a dependency) and Google Analytics.



When you are looking at the list of modules in the directory, if you click on the title, you’ll get a page with specific information about that module including the version for which the module is compatible. You’ll want modules that indicate a version of ^3.0.0.

If you’re using modules that are not listed in our directory, you can check in the directory structure of the module itself. In the config folder, there should be a module.ini file. You’ll want to look for the omeka_version_constraint line to see that it indicates ^3.0.0. That will be the sign that the module has been updated. A release date in October is also a pretty good bet.

I echo Daniel’s concerns about IIIF modules which aren’t currently available for Omeka S 3.*. We’re testing on a hosting service which automatically updated us to version 3.0.1 and the IIIF modules (including UV and Mirador) aren’t yet available. We didn’t really get a choice in the matter. :wink: Similarly for themes such as Digital Collecting (from UVA), which we quite liked. We can work around the theme for now but hopefully IIIF will be available soon.

Also, besides the official module list ( I also refer to Daniel Berthereau’s(?) list of modules and themes which includes some that aren’t on the official list (such as Timeline):



Hi Carl,

I’d be happy to provide an update for the Digital Collecting Theme from UVa - just want to confirm this is the one you’re currently using:

Glad to see its out there being used!

UPDATE: I’ve updated the Digital Collecting theme for Omeka S v 3.0, please see the tagged release here:

If you find any bugs with this theme, please post a new issue to this github. Thank you!


All of the Omeka Team developed and supported modules and themes are updated to accompany new releases.

Our hope is that module deveopers outside of the Omeka Team will update their offerings as soon as possible. That is part of the reason that we offered a code freeze and announcement of the coming release. But, of course, individual developers have their own external constraints on their resources and time.

Hi Elizabeth,

I believe that’s the one. At any rate, I just updated to Digital Collecting v2.0.0 and it’s working.

Still hoping for IIIF functionality (server and viewer) but I’m sure it’s not far off. In the meantime we can scroll through multi-page PDF’s, etc., etc.

We very much appreciate your quick response!



Thank you! I will keep an eye on the modules for updates. Most of what we use has a 3.0 release now so just a couple more and then we will move up to Omeka S 3.0!!

Hi Sharon,

Understood, and keeping our fingers crossed more module updates will roll in soon.



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