How to sort terms in vocabulary


I would like to sort terms of the vocabularies in a particular way

I don’t inderstand how it sorted in admin (in fact not in relation with ‘id’ in DDB) and I can’t modify it…

Do you have any idea ?
Thanks in advance.

Hello Gil!

What vocabulary are you referring to? Is it anything created with a particular plugin?

Hello Daniele,

Thank you for your reply.

I am using the plugin SimpleVocabPlus.


Hello Gil.

SimpleVocabPlus plugin’s displayed suggestions are retrieved via the suggestProxyAction() function in controllers/EndpointController.php file.

You might play around with that function’s line

$results = $termTable->findBySql('vocab_id = ? and term like ?',array($svAssign->vocab_id,$term.'%'))

to alter the terms order.

While you’re at there: I’ve created an improved fork of the plugin, still waiting to get it merged with the original one. If you’re interested in trying it, you can find it at

Hope this helps.

Hi Daniele
Sorry for my late reply. I didn’t see yout post…
I thank you for your help and will also try your plugin. I’ll give you feedback.

No worries.

Fork has been merged into main plugin by now, so you can refer to the original one.

I am using v3.1.2. It seems to be the last one with your improvements :slightly_smiling_face:


Question for you: would terms sorting still be useful in your opinion, or one should have the terms list sorted before using it?

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