How to set up advanced search?

I am working with a modified version of the astrolabe theme that only allows a simple keyword search. How do I set up an advanced search?

You just have to add a link. The page is always available, but there is no link by default. Try

Does it only work to search items? Not collections or exhibits?

Yes, in Omeka Classic, the advanced search form works only for items.

The main search field searches anywhere, but there is no advanced form to search all types of content.

Thank you for answering all my questions so far.

I noticed that in Omeka 2.5, under application>views>scripts>search there are three files:


How do you get search-filters and search-forms to work? And is it possible to change the Query Type on the main search to anything other than keyword?

The templates inside search work for what they are designed.

  • search-forms.php is the template for the main global simple search.
  • index.php allows to display the results (similar to items/browse, but for all types of records).
  • search-filters.php may be used to display filters (the query in fact) for the main search or for the items search.

About the query type, normally, there are three types: keyword, boolean and exact match, but this config option is not set in the Astrolabe theme. See in the config of another theme, like Thanks Roy, to add it if you really need.

Much appreciated.

I was successfully able to add the advanced search menu to the page by adding the appropriate php and css from Thanks Roy, but it seems to not be reading a script somewhere along the way, because the advanced search button enabling the menu to be toggled doesn’t appear.

You have to set it in the common/header.php file. See the same file in Thanks Roy.

I have. What I was trying to say is it doesn’t seem to be reading a script somewhere, because in Thanks Roy, there is a “…” button that allows the advanced search menu to appear or disappear, which is not showing up when I copy everything over to the new theme. It looks like that should be the globals.js file, and I’ve tried to get it to read that as well as (which is used in the css for the advanced search menu), but no such success.